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Simplicity: if I want a Phone I’ll buy a Phone, If I want a Recipe book I’ll buy a recipe book.

October 14, 2011

I was reading the blog Simple. Organised. Life. and the post Smartphones Can Replace These Everyday Items and lists the phone cleverly doing the following


If I want a stereo, I’ll get an I-pod for on-the-go and for home.



If I want a camera I’ll get one of these, (preferably in grey/silver for me, please.)

Kitchen Timer

If I want a kitchen timer, I’ll get a chicken kitchen timer, better still.

Recipe Book

And if I want a recipe book, I’ll buy a recipe book.

That’s not all here’s what else the smartphone,  does….it’s a…

  • Compass
  • Radio
  • Map book
  • Notepads
  • Calendar
  • Address Book
  • Remote Control

In a prior post, the author provides information on a very simple mobile phone, that is very functional.  However, I want something functional – to a point. It has to be well designed, too. But when all is said, a phone is a phone.

What’s what: A phone is a phone…a stereo is a stereo, a remote control is a remote control, a kitchen timer is a kitchen time and a recipe book is a recipe book. You get the picture.


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  1. A Minimalist permalink

    Very usefull and funny post, well done!

    Take Care,


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