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Too Many Records (Version B)

October 12, 2011

I love music, (yes, even A-ha) and the albums I like, I replay them over and over, I end up loving to death…I wonder if you are the same?

Anyway, so I decided that I can’t keep listening to these old songs of the past ten years. Of course, there’s more. There’s tonnes. Nostalgia is a very heavy emotion

, that can be debilitating if you’re anything like me, or comforting in small doses. I love 80s synth. It’s just something to do with my childhood. But I don’t have time to get lost in the past, all the time now, and consciously try to stay present. Yes, the above are classics, soundtracks to the course of life walked thus far in actual fact. There are all sorts of memories and feelings that these albums contain for me. They are records in every sense of the word. Of the times, our culture, and our intimate emotional world of our personal lives.

I affirm the importance of these experiences, and might listen to these albums, when I reminisce. These records having shaped me as a person, and inspiring me. But in order to live in the present more fully, we have to embrace  the present. It’s the emotion of being too stuck in the past  that I’m concerned with here.

So I threw these out. — No — I felt alot happier for it. Although records are material, they can still have an existence in one’s heart, that’s how powerful music is . That said, for the most part, the emotional clutter is cleaned out, and you might be opened to listening to new inspirational music, finding new music to reflect who you are today, as well.


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