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The Art of the Article

October 12, 2011

YOU MAY HAVE READ some of my poems encased in my prior articles. Articles or ‘blogposts’ can become literary works of a sort in the making, if you aren’t the ranting style of Blogger, which would be fair enough.

Suffice to say, depending on how you choose to write,  these later can make up the content of complete books. Therefore,  to me, articles are an artform: Art-ticle = Art.  Just like poetry and paintings are, at the root of it.

In no particular order, here’s a selection of the poetry books I have self-published online this year, it’s on a free ebook site. You can too costs start at $5  per e-book. These are Google pics (see above).

I don’t think I want to use yet another different cover in future from Google search engines. There are number of Samurai  warrior art pictures I used for the e-books.

I need a simple logo for New Alchemy Poetry, like a picture of an elixir bottle symbol  as a logo and a top-notch designer to create it for me. Nothing more than a logo. That would help simplify the presentation of the poetry, the product, and condense it into one single image, repeated. That’s how I want to do my minimalist art, at least for these poetry books, personally speaking.

Over this period of writing poetry this past year, I realise that, after some 14,000 downloads in total (and counting), that perhaps I could do myself a favour by beginning to charge for a super delux version of these poems in one bumper edition, with bonus material. That would be over 100 poems or more.

I feel it will have further impact if I reorganise the material into themes, perhaps. I am working on alternative collections which will do that, and to splice together the poems of similar theme from the material we have here, perhaps to form a series of larger poems.

There are other more upmarket sites for my material that I am considering now. I think it’s good some of my work is rooted with this fab site, though! I am still honoured for their promotion and their services continue to assist.

To download my poetry, for free you are welcome to do so. The links are as follows:

Do let me know what you think, I would be interested to hear your feedback. You can leave comments at the site, here or on Twitter, always welcome. Thankyou.


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