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Minimalist Fashionista

October 11, 2011

A short and sweet post, for today. Look here! I am not a fashion expert, and don’t claim to be such. So I haven’t included the prices of the above and where to find them. I like to think that I, hopefully, do have some taste in clothes, though. As well as style, comfort is essential. This is where the minimalism comes in: the minimalist may favour clothes that are are not too heavy or burdensome to wear, that feels good. I just want to give a few examples of such minimalist clothing and footwear, you might have a few articles you might want to add to this list or of your own.

I used to wear my black leather jacket alot. It’s a tough, heavy duty item, that I suppose will last a while because it’s durable. Super comfortable it aint, especially when I could be wearing something like a sleeveless jacket (see above). The difference is in the sleeves: without sleeves your arms are freed up, it’s really comfortable.

The centre pic is of a girl wearing 3/4 length trousers — which feel light to wear.  Blokes can wear 3/4’s too, just the shorter length brings a lightness, but you might prefer something slightly looser and casual.

The pic on the right  is of a pair of plimsoles. I bought an Adiddas brand of these in understated black. Laces are long tings to use a local London expression! Excuse the pun. They are a hassle to tie up and they come undone. So there you have it, other minimalists are sure to have other takes on this so I am just giving my slant on the topic.

My 257 words for today.


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