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Grey or Gay?

October 10, 2011

Simplicity, decluttering and minimalism create beautiful living spaces. They are beautiful in the sense that they feel light and spacious and are calming in their common hues of white, black or grey. I like the paper lanterns you can put over a lightbulb, it makes the room airy and light – good idea. Let’s have a look at one of those first:

Zen or any other Monasteries also have an empty, clean and fresh feel about them. I can vouch for one I went to some 75 kilometres north of Bordeaux, in Plum Village, France. It’s where Thich Nhat Hanh’s and his Sangha live, pray, sing.

Elsewhere in the world, some Buddhists went up a mountain to meditate and generated enough heat from their bodies to dry a wet towel!  Pretty well known now. What I am saying is, they are certainly not cold.

Some people like meditating because it appeals to their urban coldness, the modernist writers have documented the isolation of the city, the cruel indifference of it’s grey slabs, of wondrous anonymity?…Others for respite and healing from the scolding fires of love.  Ideally, life, like art, ought to be merry and gay.

Some elements of modernist and abstractionist art favour a cerebral look at life, devoid of colour, this isn’t a respite from emotion, but coldness from the outset, the predominance of the mind, expressing itself. Greys! You don’t want to be of that species.

Chinese Classical dance, so colourful,  warm and kind, is a number one artform, is a perfect example and puts what we want to say most vividly and masterfully. Check these two out:


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