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Photo Memory Storage Space, A Metaphor

October 3, 2011

‘Old photos I was dumping

That once dumped me!…’

From Living Arrangements,

by Zubyre Parvez

We all keep photos of places, ourselves, and the people we care about, whether digital or otherwise.

Sometimes, they accompany us on trips abroad,  ( I mean your Aunt Agatha or the photos themselves) that make up our memories of good times. Initially, that’s fine.

Later, after the travels of my early years, I could boast that I had been there, got the t-shirt…but wait…

The photos lost their sparkle as they became not so shiny trophies of the ‘good times’,  after I invested too much emotion in the good old days — not allowing the gift of the present make itself known. I had lost  expectancy and enthusiasm with the passage of time, so the present constantly paled in comparison. They became the ‘defining’ moments, but when we define, we limit not only the experience but our future possibilities of life, as well. Yes they were the experiences that shaped us, but we don’t need to fit any mould, including the past, that’s just old, that very word ‘mould’ is restrictive.

I decided to sort the over-investment of emotion to those silly photos…by throwing out all the unnecessary snaps.  For example, if you got your bighead best friend in five of your photos, keep just the one, and so on. And all the photos you took of ‘anything’ in your holiday enthusiasm, you can fling those out — I mean things like the coach station with your gran looking all weary, or where the empire state building looks wonky.

I decided that landscape photos were particularly irksome to me — forgive me, if that’s your thing, — but I’m a Londoner myself, a citizen, at heart, and I’d rather experience nature in the moment when I get the chance, then photograph it too much, — what’s the point in snapping something in touristy zeal if you don’t experience it fully first? Zen Habit’s Leo Babuta, tells of how we should rely on ‘pure memories’, I could not have put it any clearer…instead of relying on technology too much…

As I threw the irrelevant out, I have less baggage to carry about. And my laptop digital photo storage space is a bit more mindfully used, that’s less of a headache now.


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